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Rev app - Daryle Xavier by NaotoRan0601 Rev app - Daryle Xavier by NaotoRan0601

For :iconre--volution:

Dandan-Tan ChikyShiro-Tan yurah-ikumi Kinotoriyaki

Daryle is my recycle oc from AS. Since I'm not that active so ya. :iconpapmingplz:



Name: Daryle Xavier.


Age: 17 year old


Gender: Male


Height:  180 CM, 5'11 ft


Weight: 62 KG,   137 lbs


Birthdate & Star Sign :  25 March. Aries.


District: Kyuujuuminku.


Education/Job:  A student who attended in Kangaku High in senior year




Tag Tattoo Location:


AllMate: Mike a baby male Gray seal, pronouns as Mi-ke. He is loving type of seal and loves to clingy on Daryle to get attention, also can be playful. He is also horny when it comes to hug others but not its owner. 



Outgoing ll Friendly ll Caring ll nice ll not easily trust to people ll Paranoid

                Outgoing: he loves to go out from his apartment and rarely stay at one place. His habit lead to him arrived back to his apartment at around night time.


Friendly: He is a friendly to his friends and his close mate, he can be shy at first but slowly he will become talkative to any people he been with.


Caring: he only be caring to his close friends, sometimes he will give them advice or make them feel better with motivation.


Nice: he is nice to people when he is friendly to people.


Not easily trust to people: He sometimes judge the people behavior. Since he is easily get betray, he will be aware around his surroundings.


Paranoid: easily get worried on some part of solving and the situation, when the situation become hazy. He might panic or may cause him faint.



Daryle was born in an average family at Kyuujuuminku district, not too wealthy and not too poor. Daryle never ask anything other than being happy with his parents and his little sister.


On his tender aged-


Daryle attended in this elementary school, he was shy in the beginning on his first day at the school, so he kept quiet. Waited for someone to make a move and become friends with him. Days had passed by and he started to have some small group of friends to hang out with, enjoying the warm surroundings. But one day he bumped into a brunette haired boy when he was on his way to his classroom, their emerald eyes met and he learned that the brunette's name was Kei. From that day onward; both boys became friends and the next thing they know, they became best friends. Because of their closeness, Daryle became more caring to his best friend and always advise him about stuffs. Each and every day he usually bothers him, telling some funny moments that he get from the internet and so on and so forth.


On his high school life, aged 14 years old-


Daryle asked his parents to let him live by himself in an apartment he rented. Even if his parents were kind of protective to their him and his little sister, they gain enough confident to agree on Daryle's decision. But on the other hand, his little sister won't agree since she was clearly attached to her brother. He held on his sister and promised her that he will visit them every weekends and also family day. Finally his family agreed, and he smiled at them and being grateful to their support. From that day on, Daryle is now living by himself at the apartment. But it wasn't that much big but at least it's cozy and peaceful inside. After that he live in his apartment all by himself, his father can pay the rented since the cost of rent is reasonable. Only that his father do it on one condition and that is Daryle must pass his exams with flying colours and study well. From that, he became more independent One day, he heard a rumor from district nearby his appartment about this game called 'Rhymes' and decided to go and check it out. So far he attended this game and somehow it interested him to play it. Mike the seal is his allmate, both of them are great pairs since both of them are have the similar way on thinking.


After that on his age 17 year old, during in summer-


It was night time strike 12 in Friday night, Daryle was on his way back home with his boxes of mamegoma plushies that he brought around 7 PM. Since he did that on last minute. Without a warning passing by the drinking bar, a boy came out from the drinking bar and clingy on him. Daryle was rather stunned by his action, he try to snap out of this drunker and have no choice to bring him along to his apartment. On the next morning, the drunker woke up and looked at Daryle who is been stare at him for a moment. Daryle told what happen last night and so on. The other nodded and introduce himself and his name was Blaise. Once they know one in common is he and Blaise playing the same game. So from now on both became friends.



And now.


Daryle went to a private school called Kangaku High, since his parent can afford the tuition. And he had no choice but to attend there. And what surprised him is that, Kei also attended to the same school. He felt quite happy and glad to hangout more with him. He also got some new friends over there and everything went well.  After that once he played the game, coincidence he met Kei in the game once what a surprise! He gladly playing with his familiar friends.






Kei - Childhood friends since now, Daryle find him adorable. "Well is true, he is adorable. <3"

Blaise - met each other at the park when Blaise is drunk.



+ Maroon red.

+ Visual kei.

+ Anime and manga.

+ Music. (Something like remix and so on.)

+ His best friends and friends.

- Hazy situation.

- Got force on things. (Even though he will try.)

- Cucumber. ( Daryle: I hate eating them.. :iconummmjapanplz: ))

- Seeing his friend suffer.

- Pink dresses. ( Daryle: I remember my imouto make me wear once.. :iconummmjapanplz: )


Additional Information:

- Great in sports.

- Have a lot of mamegoma plushie in his room. Mamegoma freak.

- He wears glasses when he read books and when he is on computer.

- Secretly ship Kei with Kei's friend. ( Daryle: hehe since both of them are a great couple. <3 )

-… ( 0:11 - 0:15 )



RP sample:


RP sample:


Lit/Para version-


On the day was about to be afternoon, Daryle had nothing to do since today is his off day from his part time job. He wanders around as usual, finding something to entertain himself. "What should I do today?" he said to himself, looked bored. After some decision to make, he decided to went to the nearby café to have some coffee. Once you gone there, he found a familiar faces and gave a wave with a warming smile.



Script version-


On the day, was about to be afternoon, Daryle had nothing to do since today is his off fay from his part time job.


Daryle: *yawns* hm.. what should I do today? *wanders around as usual*.. ah~ I should get some coffee.. *went to nearby café to have some coffee*


Edit: ah finally finish! All those edit infos. orz

Kei - :icondandan-tan:
Blaise - :iconki-shie:




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krystlekmy Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hmm, he looks so familiar from ur Oc - Darly, is her from red fire clothes, right? If he is, wow, he turns into bishie :heart: o :heart: OMG, so cute baby sealion and yay to our fav collar~ :dance:
NaotoRan0601 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yep he is! XD
I haven't use him for awhile til now. Yes! Sealions are cute. :iconkira-neplz:
Yush! Our favourite collar. I wander how to make that.
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Professional Filmographer
hehehe, it's been a long time to see him again.. became bishie :iconteheplz: :heart:
Hmm, just get simple belt and put silver tape in there. I have this silver tape is like mirror - can see ur own face OwO :heart:
yurah-ikumi Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what u sayin im pro u da pro
C-A-R-O-U-S-E-L Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
that seal is so cute!!
NaotoRan0601 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank you---. :iconblushuplz:
seal is so adorable hhhhh-. <3
Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TOUCHES BEAUTIFUL APP :iconasdfghplz: 
NaotoRan0601 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Maroon red all the way---. <3 <3 <3 <3 :iconasdfghplz:
Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
red crimson maroon asdksjf bloodredthough--//shot 
Daryle Bb //hugs his face// :iconzxcvbnmplz: 

Danchoou Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NaotoRan0601 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This no perfect without fabulous--. //kicked
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